Care of the Sick & Elderly
The ageing process or the onset of illness can bring huge turmoil into the lives of any individual as well as the wider circle of family. We do hope to offer you our support and are delighted to visit and pray with people in their need.
We make weekly visits to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital complimenting the work of the hospital chaplaincy team. On the week of the First Friday we also bring communion to the sick and housebound. If you wish to be included in our visiting rounds please contact parish office or, if you prefer, you can make contact directly with the priest.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Holy Family Parish has an active branch of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The SVP is an international voluntary Catholic Christian Society whose aim is to tackle poverty in all its forms, through the provision of practical assistance to those in need. The concept of need is broader than financial hardship, so, visiting the sick and the lonely form a large proportion of the Society’s work.
The members of the society draw inspiration and energy from the Gospels and Catholic social teaching, and attempt to live the core values of love of God and neighbour by working directly with people in need.
The Society operates in small groups, known as ‘Conferences’, based in the local parish which meet regularly, and whose work is concentrated on local visitation. St. Martin’s Conference serves Holy Family Parish area and we are very grateful for the voluntary efforts of all those involved.                          
The Society welcomes donations, since every financial contribution enables members to serve those in need. It is always in need of volunteers and information is available at Tel: 041 983 8390, and also their website:

Pioneer Association

Holy Family Parish has a branch of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. The mission of the Association is to address the problems in society caused by excessive alcohol consumption and drug usage.
The Association has as one of its key concerns the issue of youth and alcohol, and one of the ways it addresses this is by speaking to students in schools, outlining the benefits of staying alcohol and drug free, and offering reasons why young people should join the Pioneers.
Children are invited at Confirmation to take the pledge until the age of 18 years and to refrain from the use of illicit drugs for life. More information can be found here:

The Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary was founded in Dublin on 7th September 1921, it is a lay Catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.
The Legion sees as its priority the spiritual and social welfare of each individual. The members participate in the life of the parish through visiting families and the sick, both in their homes and in hospitals and through involvement in a variety of undertakings sponsored by the parish.
In Holy Family Parish, there is a Senior branch of the Legion of Mary and they meet each wednesday, at 10.30am in the Parish Meeting Room. New members always welcome.
Further information on the organisation can be found on their website:
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