The Eucharist

As soon as I heard the sound of your greeting the child in my womb leapt for joy” (Luke 1:44)

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!


To bring new life into the world is indeed both a very special gift and a challenge. Thank you for wanting your child to join the family of the Church through baptism. You have decided to give your baby this chance to grow up in Christ. We want to help you carry out your decision by giving you our wholehearted support.
God already loves your baby and wants only the best for his child. By asking for your baby’s baptism, you will be publicly thanking God for his gift to you. Baptism is the first step of your child’s journey to God. Your own faith is essential for the steps which follow. You will be promising to bring up your baby knowing God as a loving Father. You are asking the parish family to help you with this. You are making your baby part of a wider family – the Christian family.
Date and time of baptism
The normal times for a baptism in Holy Family Parish are:
2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday evenings at 6.00 pm
Sunday – first Sunday of each month at 1.15pm
As there is usually more than one child being baptised, it is essential that everyone be on time at the church.

Choose your baby’s godparents with care. They must share your faith and be at least 14 years old. They should be living near enough to get to know the baby. They will be undertaking to share with you the responsibility for handing on the faith to the child as he/she grows up
Baptismal Register
After the Baptism, the priest will add your baby’s name to the baptismal register. Your child will then be able to receive a baptismal certificate at any future date. The information included will be taken from the information form which can be downloaded. Please make sure that the details are filled in correctly, as a change may be difficult at a later date.

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